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This may be a dumb question,but it's not like I haven't ask one before.I would like to save some of the posts from the members and tutorials,is there any way to do this on this site or can I send them to my favorites to my computer.And also are the threads that you are subscribed to just the ones that you post on?Ther is so much great info on here I would like to save some in case of another TU crash....Thanks,Robert

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I save threads as word documents. Even if there are pictures in them, you can save them this way. Just use copy and paste. If there are pictures attached to a post, copy and paste the posts, then you open the pictures and save them in the appropiate place.

Photobucket.com does not allow me to upload a word document, for you to see how it looks like, so I will try to attach this document. The document represents the first 2 posts of the thread "a new mistake", including a picture.

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