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Looking for Top Water Muskie Blank Mfg's

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xllund    0

Hello all,

A quick comment on one of my previous posts. Crystal Sheen, so far so good. You folks were right:a little like Flex Coat, but seems to be harder when dry. Still experimenting, but I like what I see so far.

I would like to hear (e-mail preferably) from any of you guys that make top water wooden (plastic also) muskie baits. I have had some interest from some of my customers that are looking for top water musky baits. The manufacturers I have contacted so far in the main stream musky world do not sell blanks to the general public or private painters like my self. I am looking to stock some baits. I would be happy to give more details, just e-mail me. Thanks all!

Mike G.

(630) 917-1881

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Dante    0

Be prepared for discontinued items if going through Dick at Moore's. Tried to get some "Jake" bodies only to find out they no longer sell them.

Sounded like there were quite a few bodies that had been discontinued.

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