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Sanding or Overcoating?

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What is the consensus regarding sanding painted baits or using a white overcoating to cover the manufactures paint job? Sanding seems to be way to time consuming. If overcoating is the way to go; what is the best paint to use? I tried Krylon and really do like it...seemed tacky even after 12 hours of drying. Any suggestions? THANKS!!!

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Are you using Fusion.Fatfingers recomended it and I have tried it and it has dried fairly quick for me.I have started repainting some older factory lures and thats what I start with,after lightly sanding...Robert

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Dampeoples is right. You need to sand to provide a mechanical bond of the paint to the lure. If you use a paint with solvent that "melts" into the lure, you have to be careful that all the solvent is gone before you continue painting.

For me, that's too much trouble.

I use water based paints, with an Envirtex Lite clear coat, and never have any problems with paint bond failing.

I sand, then, if I'm using solid colors, I coat with Createx opaque white as an under coat, and then paint.

If I have a lure that's transparent with painted areas that I want to repaint, I sand the painted areas, and then repaint over them. I don't worry too much about accidentally scuffing the clear areas. The topcoat will make them clear again.

I've actually removed the paint from painted/clear lures with a scale-scored surface, so only the paint in the score lines remains, and then used that as a base and painted over them with transparent colors.

Makes for some neat lures.

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