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Moody cranks (or cranks with mojo..)

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Hi guys,

All the cranks posted here (i looked through all the pictures in the album) are so wonderfully stylized! I even saw a COW-looking crank (if this is ever possible, that is, and i think it was a Hollstein!). And with this, i thought i had seen everything.

But I have never seen any crank in the "Santa Claus" style, not to mention the style of any of his deers...I don't know about you guys, but me...well, i am quietly slipping into the Christmas mood, and so probably do all the largemouths in all the lakes all over the world...(this doesn't mean i am a black bass, though). So to say, i am sure any bass would more that appreciate being thrown a shallow diving Santa Claus or even his wobbling sled!

Do any of you guys have any plan to create (or did create) a Santa Claus crank? Because until i make my own, i would kill to see one ready made.

take care,


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