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Mr.J.    10

Simple, cheap and effective

A couple of dowels, some wood, some screws and a couple of corner brackets and you're all set. Adjustable too and with the use of a clamp a 1 hand operation. Easy to adjust so the bait is tight or loose too. I prefer snug, that way I can easily rotate the lure and it stays in place.



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rofish    2

My new lure holder is even simpler. I made it from steel wire. I have different lengths of "S" shaped steel wires to attach the lure to the lure holder. I bend the wire until I can attach the lure with the "S" shaped wires. When released, it keeps the lure tight. The holder can be kept in hand while painting or topcoating, or it can be put in a vise, or a jig that you make for this purpose. Now I am thinking of the best solution on how to put such a thing on the drying wheel after topcoating. This holder offers a much better possibility for topcoating, since the eyes are practically reachable with a paint brush, better than if you keep the lure with the handle of an exacto knife.


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Hoodaddy    0

Good ideas guys.......:yeah: I noticed not too long ago someone had mentioned that they used a hacksaw handle for a bait holder wihich I also thaought was a good idea. Its really nice to be able to paint or work on a bait w/o having to hold it also. :yay:

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