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These are a few lures I just finished this weekend. Still new at it but I think I am slowly but surely getting the hang of it.

This is a popper I did this morning.



This is one I did yesterday, This was my attempt at a sexy shad type pattern, I adequately named this one the "Moderately Attractive Shad." This is for the average bass who is just looking for a good time but does not want anything long-term.



The blues look really light with this camera for some reason, they are a little darker in person. I was happy with how they turned out. I really gotta get me a drying wheel it takes forever to hand turn these things and I don't do the best job.

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Is the popper okay with the Moderately Attractive Shad having a name and popper just being called popper??? You know how they're going to fight when you get them rigged and alone in the tackle box ;)

Those look really sharp, I can find the popper a new home if you think it will restore peace to your tackle box... Just tryin' to help

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Moderately Attractive Shad? You must be hangin' out with The Rookie!:lol: He's got a long list of names for his too.

Nice work. I really like that popper.

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