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Im new to airbrushing but i want to get better can any one tell me what would be a good airbrushes to buy off the badgergarage sale im looking for a couple. For those of you that hav recieved your airbrushes did they come with all the nessicary accessories? Thanks Dane

I'm new to it also but I have friends that use them and have bought them. You may want to go to the Badger website. They have a short tutorial on the airbrushes and wht is what. That said, here are the things I looked for. You want a dual action (you adjust the air and paint flow through the 1 button on top) external mix (don't know why) airbrush that you can do everything from fine to wide without changing needles. To do larger areas you should have a bottom feed (uses a jar for the paint) for smaller amounts of color and fine painting you probably want a gravity feed (small cone on top for paint) because it is less weight and less bulky and you can make finer strokes.

My friends use and bought mainly the Model 360 because you can use the bottom and gravity feeds with it and they like them.

I covered the gambit ....... I bought the 155, 360 and the Sotar. This will allow me to use the 155 for a base coat then add a second color with the 360 and if I want to go REALLY fine I can use the Sotar ........ and what I don't like I can sell on EBAY for at least as much as I paid for it .........

You should buy a kit if you can that has the hose and jars (if bottom fed).

You will also need a means to power it. Either a compressor or a propellant can. You can either buy an airbrush compressor or use a regular compressor set to around 50 lbs max.

Badger may have some compressors coming up in the future. They did have some a little while ago but they went VERY quickly so you have to keep an eye out and be prepared to act quickly.

Good Luck


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