Has anyone used the VanDyke's taxidermy paints in an airbrush?

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BobP    834

Oh yeah! I have 6-7 4 oz bottles of Van Dyke's Translatex I bought on sale. I like most of the colors and they shoot well when fresh, but mine have thickened a bit over the past year. I suspect they were "old stock" when I bought them on sale (the bottles were covered with shelf dust). It does tend to adhere very well and I'm satisfied I got my money's worth. Most of mine are shades of green and I like them (bright green, dark green, dark fishback). The silver and mellow gold are blah. I find that I only like SOME colors in any brand. Over time, you have to choose specific colors from different brands to build a palette you like.

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spotchaser    10

Thanks Bob....just starting the hobby here.....guess paints are like lures some lures from some companies, but not EVERY lure from each company.......thx again

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