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rlcam    11

I thought I had ask this before,but can't find it so i'll ask again.How do I turn off this thing it keeps filling up my email with messages.Also are you subscribed to just the ones you read or them and the ones you post....Thanks Robert

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redg8r    56

Go to:


look for "Messaging & Notification"

under that look for "Default Thread Subscription Mode"

select "Do not subscribe"

That will change your default options.

Then you'll want to unsubscribe to any existing threads.

Go to:


Check all (using checkboxes)

at the bottom, choose "Delete subscription"



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Troul Hawk    10

One way to stay on top of what is happening and not fill up an E-mail account is to utilize the RSS feed. I can see all of the new posts in a single list and scan them for stuff I am interested in.

I don't know all that much about it, I set mine up through Google reader, as part of my gmail account, and it was easy to do.

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