Bending CIRCUIT BOARD lips??

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I have searched the forums and only found results for Lexan...maybe circuit board is the same, but I tried the boiling water technique with absolutly no results...I am using a very very thin piece of Circuit Board lip and trying to get a downward bend similar to that of a SS rapala lure.

I do not have access to a hair straightener so I can not attempt that method.

Does anyone have advice on bending circuit board? Using 2 pairs of pliers and slowly "finessing" it has just caused me to crack the bills.

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Lexan (Polycarbonate) is a Thermoplastic.

"Thermoplastics" are materials which can be heated and formed, then re-heated and re-formed repeatedly.

Circuit Board Material (AKA G-10, FR-4 etc) is glass cloth with an epoxy resin binder, a Thermoset Laminate.

"Thermoset" materials undergo a chemical as well as a phase change when they are heated. They cannot be re-shaped by heating. In fact at some point enough heat will just make the material smolter and give off some pretty nasty fumes.


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For Precut Lexan Bills Try Metalworks Stamping Corporation , Owner Dale Wehman ,608-666-2900 . They Bought Out A Company I`ve Bought Bills From In The Past .hope This Helps Everyone Ken The Fin .

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