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That's kellure from this site. He'll sell you some of them, they're on his site. My understanding is that he designed the baits, then had them built.

There are tons of Chinese companies that'll produce plastic bodies for you, you gotta find them, then be willing to buy 5-10k, and have them shipped, they have tons of existing designs.

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If you're interested in plastic bodies (like the ones at Stamina), you can buy those straight from the manufacturer at a deep discount. The company that makes / sells most of the bodies that you can get through the retailers is a company called "Land-O-Tackle". Here is the link to their catalog:

The minimum purchase is 300 bodies (I think?), but it's pretty cheep...only about $0.60 each..so about $175 for the minimum on bodies.


Here is the link to their actual bodies:


Click the "Click here for more" link at the bottom of the page to cycle through all the bodies they sell. They'll look familiar with you've ever looked at bodies in the Stamina, or Jann's catalogs! :-)

This is also the company that makes the lexan diving lips, hook hangers, props, screws, etc. that you can get from the other retailers. Those are really cheep too...even in bulk. The minimum purchase there is 1,000 pieces (I think), but that only runs between $7 and $30. If you're buying those pieces...get them here. You'll save a ton and never have to restock again.

Hope that helps!

(and no...I don't work for them.) :-)


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