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Attaching thebles

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Hi everyone, i have a question. :huh:

It is about attaching hooks to the body of the lure. Until now, i have been "sandwiching" a bent steel wire with eyelets at the ends through the body of my cranks for attaching the trebles. :D

i was wondering about this: take a much shorter wire (1 inch) and make 2 eyes at both ends. One eye is obviously for the treble, the other is to attach the wire to the body by passing some nail square through the body of the lure. Just pierce the body squarely on the long section of the lure, put the nail through the wire eye and secure somehow both ends. :idea: Kinda the way joint lure pieces are sometimes attached between them by some nail passed through the body, in this case from up do down, with the nail passing through the eyelet and attaching the 2 pieces together. i noticed that usually plastic lures treble hooks eyelets are attached this way, but in the case of plastic we are talking a different material resistance and a different weight balance.

This idea came because sometimes i feel in order to achieve the right balance, i don't want to pass the wire throughout the whole length of the lure. How would this affect the eyelet strenght and the general balance?

Did anyone try this? Any input apreciated greatly.

Thank you

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