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I painted my first bait earlyier this week and made it out on the lake today. The first fish I caught was a 7 pound Guntersville lunker. Iwent on to catch 4 more for a total weight of 25 pounds. I have been making my own spinner baits and Buzz baits for a long time, but this is 10 times better. Thanks for all the info you vetran painters put on this site. I have learned alot!!!!!!:worship:

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Here's how I do it.

Load the picture onto your computer.

Go to the picture, right click on it and choose properties.

Highlight the location by dragging over it, and then hit Ctrl C, to copy it.

Hit okay, and then come to the TU forum and open this thread.

Start a quick reply, post a message, and then move the cursor down below the message to a fresh line.

Click on the second from the right icon in the tools for the quick reply. It's a square with what looks like mountains.

It says insert image when you move the cursor over it.

Where it says insert image, backspace out the http:// until the space is clear, and then hit Ctrl V, which should load you image into your reply.

Then post the reply.

It works for me, and I'm computer illiterate.

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