Epoxy/Silicone problems??

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Hello all,

I was recently reading on a rod building board about silicone from syringes causing fisheyes in the flexcoat/u-40 top coat they use. Anyone had similar problems with Devcon or enviro? The reason I ask is I was thinking of swithing to a small silicone dish to mix epoxy in. (easy clean-up after it dries, just pop it out and re-use). I know dentists mix epoxy this way....


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It seems to me that the silicone contamination would have to be from the lubricant silicone that the rubber gaskets are treated with, and not the hard silicone body of the syringe, if that's what they're made out of. Washing the syringe parts with alcohol before you start should clean the lubricant off. If it is the body silicone, I don't have a clue. Seems to me it's not very likely, but stuff happens.

I guess if I were you I'd get a dish, mix up a small batch, and test it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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