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Jerky kind of action...

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I recently bought 10 painted medium diving bodys from either stamina or

netcraft (cant remember at the moment) but I added the splitrings and trebles in the sizes they recomended. The lures dive correctly but they seem to run jerkey. Like (now I know it looks funny) but wobble wobble wobble wobble jerk... wobble wobblewobble wobble jerk. Its like it loses the wobble for a split second.

Any Ideas why this would happen?

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Guest Anonymous


This reply probably sounds funny, but if its a distinguishable jerk from the wobbling, it might be the lure building up a small pressure wave behind it that veers it out occationaly. Thus neutralizing the wave and bringing it back to its wobble.

If ya figure it out, let me in on the secret.... we may have a new bait and million dollar infomercial! LOL :D8O:D

Take Care Bud!


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