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How to make a pencil plug?

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Hi everyone im new here as i just found this site.I am trying to start making some pencil plugs for river fishing but am haveing trouble as to where or how to start.Id like to make them all the same also .I know i need a lathe but what else.Also how would i cut the front lip impression?Here is a pick of what im trying to make.Thanks for any advicep_000041.jpg

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Spike-A-Pike    11


First off, welcome the TackleUnderground. Your going to find a great bunch of folks on TU that take great pride in their craft and in helping new members in learning these skills.

There are several good tutorials in the Members Submitted Tutorials forum. One that show many of the steps of making baits are Micro Through Wire Construction and Basic Wood Lathe Tips. There will be a few others that you will want to check out after you get started.

I would read to absorb as much of the lingo as you can; use the search function, and aways scroll beyond the Currently Active Users Viewing This Thread block to the Similar Threads block at the bottom of the page. You may want to start wood carving if the cost of a lath is going to slow you up. A knife and a block wood and your off to the races.

Remember, the only way to get experience is to get experience. Enjoy and we'll see you around TU

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apb    0

I would think either a drum sander on a drill press or a dowel wrapped in sandpaper could be used to make the front depression.


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