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West Coast TU Gathering

Where to Go?  

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  1. 1. Where to Go?

    • Clearlake, CA.
    • Delta, CA.
    • New Melones, CA.
    • Silverwood, CA.
    • Skinner, CA.
    • Pyramid, CA.
    • Castiac, CA.
    • Lake Mead, NV.
    • Lahonton, NV.
    • Laughlin, NV.
    • Mohave, NV.
    • Powell, AZ.
    • Havasu, AZ.

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I won't be able to attend, therefore, I'm not casting a vote...

That said, things need to start firming up a little. Like they say in real estate, Location, Location, Location.

The other main issue is the date. The sooner that's decided the sooner it can be added to the calendar and people can start planning to attend.

Then there are still things like where are you staying. We were able to a discount in Clinton and our host and hostess, Nathan and Deb made us feel like family. Nathan opened his workshop and there was always something either being discussed or demonstrated - What a blast. Fishing was on a small private pond near Nathan's and Gene was bring them in hand over fist.

I know that the meet in Clinton has been going on for a few years now... and, I heard this was the largest meet ever at 14 or 16 I think. I think some may have had only 4 or 5... Nathan, Coley, Gene, or KcDano would know more of the history. I know my wife is already looking forward to Clinton, 2009 and so am I.

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Bruce,sorry to hear you can't make it.I was looking forward to meeting you in person.As soon as we figure out where we're going to meet,we can start looking for places to stay.I'd like to shoot for sometime in September.I think that the 3 best choices are Havasu,The Delta,and Clear Lake as all 3 offer unique fishing experiences.I'm not close to any of these lakes,but i'm just showing my desire to make this trip a success by traveling 6-10 hours to get there.

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The trip to Clear Lake, CA for me would take 30.0 hours 24 minutes (non-stop) with an estimated distance of 2084.8 miles. You guys will just have to take plenty of photos and show us everything we missed so Jerry can post them all. I really don't know the lay of the land out west. San Diego, Ocean Side, and LAX are the only memories I carry from Cali and a good part of those included deployments to other parts of the world. Hey, I almost forgot Black's Beach...

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You can't judge the rest California by L.A.It's beautiful once you get out of the city.We have some of the most beautiful coastlines,high deserts,mountains,and forests.I don't know exactly where TJ lives,but i've been to the Central Valley and that's some pretty country up there.The lakes actually have real rivers flowing into them,instead of concrete canals like we have in L.A.!

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We run a trip every yr on BassResource also. I can give a bit of input about locations from our experiences for you guys.

Lake Fork-

-Central for everyone, whether you are coming from Cali or New England


-16'/40hp Aluminum rentals

-Covered boat docks w/ electricity!!!

-1.5 hrs from DFW airport (Not bad)

- Specoal note- Fishermans cove Marina was VERY accomodating for us. We had assigned meals. Guys offered to cook their specialty meal, you could volunteer for a night. We had meatballs from Brooklyn one night, Chili and Hoagies from Tenn another night , Jumbalaya from N'Orlean's another. Dan and Linda from the cove, not only let us use the kitchen and grills (It's also the main hot spot on the lake,....the only bar!!) but they gave us the whole top floor for dining. awesome folks.


-"Nicer" yet more expensive accomodations but you can always camp in the park too so it can get as "Low Budget" as you need

-Not as accomodating as Fork, meaning, more of a cusiness feel where Fork was a family feel.

-NO BOAT RENTALS!!! Team up boys, pain in the ass

-Definitely a more expensive trip. Almost double and that's w/o a boat rental

-1.5 hrs from airport (not bad)

Kentucky Lake-

-This is where we are going this yr so not much to report yet although it seems to be coming together nicely

-Lots of places to stay and eat

-City nearby in case anyone wants to bring family and will need other stuff to do.

-close to airport

-Boat rentals

-Affordable accomodations

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I like the choices, but I won't vote till I see Lake Falcon, TX on the ballot. It is on the Rio Grande River in southern TX. The Bass Masters Elite Series fished there one time, & it broke almost every positive record, including heaviest 4 day total of around 135 lbs. About 135 lbs. man! Now that's amazing! If anyone hasen't fished Lake Falcon yet, I strongly recommend you tell people to fish it. When they do, they will wish they took their votes back. It is in Zapata, TX. Tell people about it.:yay:

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Thanks for all the suggestions guys, but the West Coast Gathering was dreamed up to allow folks that could not make it to the MO Meet to get together out west. However it kind of withered on the vine for now. Maybe we can have better luck this year.

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