Is simple better?

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Action vs. Color? Action.

Not to say color is unimportant.

Realism vs. basic?

My belief is it depends on how/what you are fishing. I believe realism can be important, especially with slow moving baits in clear water, for example a suspending jerkbait for smallies. For faster moving baits, or turbid/muddy conditions, I believe contrast is the key.

And yes...I believe many paint jobs are for the fisherman...especially if you've done any research into color vision of various species/underwater physics of light and color.

However, before you completely discount ultra-realistic finishes as a waste, do some research on specific prey image theory...The basic permise is that predators become used to certain prey appearance, and so look for that. Novel images might spur attack from curiosity/anger/territorial reasons, but not initally due to feeding.

That said, I personally do not photo finish.

Clear as mud...


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I would be tempted to add that there is a religion among musky anglers that says that the best three colors are black black and ... . I will admit that when I want to test a new lure, I buy any "fancy" color and when it fails to catch anything, I paint it black with a simple can of black spray paint. No eyes, no gills, no &?%$$$$h0000le. Then I get to know whether the action is good, 'cause I'm sure the color is. Just like any other fisherman, I used to love filling my tackle boxes with hundreds of colors, but when one is in a transition between smaller plugs that sell for 2-10$ and the larger musky plugs that can go over 40$ very easily, one has to become more selective (not to mention that space limitations are also a factor for these big ones!). I met with Musky guide Marc Thorpe for the first time some 5-6 years ago, and he changed my perception of lures completely. To him, there were five main color patterns: perch, frog, chartreuse, white, and black. OK, a purely black lure is not "sexy" on a store layout, and it certainly won't sell as well as that new "chartreuse-orange-dot-grey-scales-pink-belly-popsicle-finish" that is right next to it, but I'll bet anything that more fish will be caught with the ugly black one. This being said, now that I paint my own lures, I will still appreciate painting fancy patterns just for the challenge and the satisfaction I can get in finishing a good-looking plug. But I will still test my lures' action in solid black... :-) Pat

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