how to make these....pics inside ??

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This appears to be simply a conflict of teaching and learning styles. Good intentions may come across as rude and abrasive to some. Some folks learn from seeing pictures, or trial and error, while others need a step by step recipe. When you cannot see the body language the door of misunderstanding is left open.

We should be able to ask any dumb lure question we want and have it answered in a kind and thoughtful manner. The teacher is held to a higher standard of responsibility.

You guys are great! Keep up the good work.

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Make the lure cut a slot vertically in tail seal slot glue in the tail & you´re done

You can also put a nail or 2 horizontally in the tailpart of the lure

Its pretty obvious to me if you look at the picture

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Re: attach soft fish to hard bait

The method I use is to drill a 3/16" hole vertically in the rear of the bait and then an 1/8"slot is cut for the plastic tail to be inserted. The problem I have is, I do not pour plastics and have made my tails for testing by melting some plastic worms and pouring into a POP mold. The baits work well and the tails are easily replaced to change color or if they are damaged.



here is what I found..he had no problems giving his knowledge to those who simply asked

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