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Compressor Problems Please Help ?

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Hi I just bought a porter cable compressor for my paasche vl airbrush but am having alot of trouble find some kind of adapter for it. I lost my directions for my vl so I cant see what size the end of the hose is, and cant find in the compressor directions what size it takes. Can some one please tell me what size it takes and where i can get it.

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Most air compressors use 3/8" NPT on thier outlets. I'm guessing your AB hose may have 1/4" NPT or smaller. Take you AB hose to the local hardware store or plumbing supply shop and ask for help with getting the proper reducers. you would be well served to use some quick disconnects and and additional regulator that you can controll near your point of use. I also suggest you get a water and oil trap for your set-up as it will reduce many application issues.

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