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Hey guys,

I just wanted to jump in and say hi. Thanks for all the advise recently, I'm glad there are others with all the questions I haven't thought of yet. I'm going to clearcoat my first topwater lure this week end and until I saw Oscars first custom lure I thought mine turned out alright. Now I'm going to have to just keep at it before I post a pic of one of mine. The best I can say about mine is that it floats.

Keep posting the pics so I can get some idea of what a lure is supposed to look like. I promise I won't ask how to put a plastic tail on.

There are only two things I read front to back, one is the Sunday paper the other is this web site. The Sunday paper has the comics and this site has Rookie. :lol:

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Here's my first.

Clothes pole dowel, rattle can paint.

It was an attempt to duplicate my partner's 10" pupfish I broke.


Sorry, I don't know how to post it larger.

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