Dick Nite Disaster!!

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Ok so 11 oclock last night a disaster struck. I had painted 5 lures for the night.The last one was a musky sized lure. As I went to clearcoat them (I dip mine into dick nites) i succesfully got the first four Then the musky lure. I had about half a quart left.So i had to tilt the can to get the whole musky lure covered.Got it covered and as i let the can down.... MY HAND SLIPPED!!!!! the whole half a quart was over my whole paint station dripping everywhere and it was a mess!! luckily it only got on the desk, a few stencils and all over my hands.By the way, my hands are glossy!

I thought you guys might get a kick outta that story. Thanks god that last week i had just ordered some more topcoat that will be here tuesday.

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Sounds like a good tutorial(Waterproofing your work station)ha ha,My bench is a disaster as well.Its good to keep a sense of humor about this hobby.I would be a miserable person if I got mad every time my lathe slung a piece of wood at me.

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