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lockjaw    10

Yes, yes, that's mine. The biggest rod I have is an 8' St. Croix Legend Trnmt XH and I can lob it about 15 yards. I won't be casting that big boy. My arms will probably go numb after 30 mins :) I'll just troll with it.

I've been doing a lot of reading on molds to see if I can make a lighter version because I've recieved a lot of inquiries since I put that video up.

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mark poulson    1,700

Sweet lure! I saw a post about a huge musky that was caught when it ate a 36" musky that an angler had on his line, and wouldn't let go.

That lure looks like dinner for a big fish like that, for sure.

I can see why you would troll it. I have made 12" jointed swimbaits, floaters, and I can't throw them all day, for sure. I use a Crucial 8' XHVY swimbait rod, and it still kicks my you know what.

The bad part is the 12" baits swim really well, so I've always got one tied on. It's a real workout.

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jamie    13
Looks like you need a catapult to launch that bad boy.

Tell the truth you attached a reel to a "Lions Club" broom.

Roland Martin would have to design a new rocket fisherman to throw that baby. could you imagine what that would look like. Looks like a trolling bait to me. Ive throwed some oversized baits but that one is out of my league.It does have some very nice craftsmanship to it, my hats off to the guy who made it.

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