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I can't imagine living where the water gets hard. I've been without a boat for three weeks, and it seems like forever.

Move to Texas, where they had a million lakes with Bass (I live in SoCal, and we don't have any more room for fishermen here). :o)

I get by fishing for these:



and a little vid to show how fun it really is. He's using a custom made rod, with a new curado on their, drag set high and they still peel off line.


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Great fish!

My hands got stiff and started to ache just watching the video. I fished a 19 degree day tournament a couple of years ago, and wound up with frostbite, so the cold makes my fingers numb, and then after the tingling stops and the begin to warm up they ache for another hour like I've smashed them with a hammer. So now I'm allergic to cold.

But it looks like you guys have it wired. Good for you.

By the way, how did you get your photos to post so large?

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Sorry I didn't see your question earlier Mark. I have a simple answer; I don't know. I use Photobucket to host the pics, and I just copy and paste the link. I make/made no changes to it.

I do remember one morning when we left the cabin it was -6 F. We caught about 80 walleyes that day.

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