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Just wondering FF,what kind of camera do you use to get those great pics.I am still trying to take good clear pics.I have a cheapo digital that I carry around with me.The wife has a better one,but(you know the rest).

Next time I am going to try it outside....Robert

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Key to taking good pictures is lighting and a rock solid base for your camera. Natural light is always good, or you can set up a light box indoors. All you need for a light box is some sort of frame that you can drape a white sheet around, then put lamps on the outside next to the sheet (sheet helps diffuse the light, eliminating reflections from the object photographed). Then use a tripod or something solid to put the camera on and use the highest resolution on the camera.

If you do a search for 'homemade light box' on google, there are all sorts of ways to make them, and they are pretty cheap. You'd be amazed how nice they can make your pictures.

Here is a link for an inexpensive one made with foamboard, and there are some example pictures taken using the box. And here is one that you can customize the backdrop on.

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