Hardbait gallery trouble!!!!!!!

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Is it just me or is anyone having trouble pulling up pics in the gallery?When I look at a pic that has additional pics below it I can't get them to enlarge.It says loading,but I get nothing.I don't have any trouble when uploading from main gallery,just when someone has more than one.It also won't work if I click on thumbnail but it will if I click on information,in a specific persons gallery....Robert

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There was a conflict between the gallery and a recently added feature.

I worked on the problem, tested it in the latest versions of IE (7.0.5730.13) & Firefox (, both work on my machine.

To clarify, the problem occurs when trying to expand a thumbnail in a gallery post that contains more than one image in the set, correct?

If you still have problems, post here, with enough replies, I'll revert the settings & go back to the old style viewing (page re-load vs shaded pop-up)

Thank you for the feedback & sorry for any trouble.

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