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What's the difference between these jigs?

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Last night I was looking through the Lurecraft catalog and noticed what to me seemed like the same jig but two different names. They are the weedless SPARKIE and the weedless ARKIE. Are they the same just a different maker? Or is the SPARKIE wider?

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The Sparkie I believe is flatter. I personally like the the double collar Arkie. You can put a skirt on and a trailer, and it holds really well.

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the sparkies are also good when rigged with a chatter, shaker style blades. Work pretty well if put together properly.


Yes they do. Also, the Poison Tail and the Snootie jig work really well chattter style. You got to love those Poison Tails. They are awesome with that hook.

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Are the SPARKIEs kind of like the Gamakatsu Arky 26?

I don't know what those look like, so I can't say. I custom make everything that I need, so any hook I want is no problem for me.

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I asked Do-it molds the a similar question. This is what they sent me.

You are absolutely right. The three jig models that you have mentioned

are very similar with only slight differences. Their wide design helps

to keep them from rolling or turning on their side.

Weedless Sparkie Jig: This is probably the widest of the three. You will

notice that the hook eye on this jig comes out much more toward the

front than the others. This forward balance lends it self to dragging

the jig on the bottom or swimming the jig through the water. Some people

prefer y-guards over fiber guards. This mold will accept either.

Style "S" Bass Jig: This jig is slightly narrower and the hook eye comes

out a bit higher on the jig. The balance on this jig allows the back of

the hook to rise up, off the bottom when the jig is "rocked" similar to

a Football Jig. It also accepts either fiber guards or y-guards. The

Eagle Claw style 730 hook for which it is designed is one of Eagle Claws

strongest tempered hooks and sports a slightly larger throat than the

O'Shaughnessy style 410 for which the Sparkie Jig is designed.

The Arkie Style Jig: This Jig is very similar to the Style "S" with some

small improvements. It is slightly wider, and tends to fall more slowly

and horizontally because of this. The double holder collar tends to hold

skirts and plastics or buck tails a little better than the old fashioned

ball collar of the others. The Mustad Premium Black Nickel hook is one

of the strongest on the market. The turned eye on the hook helps with

hook ups and lends a bit more power to hook sets.

All three of these jigs are very good when fished in cover. Which jig to

use is purely a matter of personal preference. At this point we consider

the #3387 Arkie Jig mold to be the best all around weedless jig of the

three. We hope this helps.

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