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If the cracks go all the way into the wood, I would dry them out as dry as I could get them. I would then mix some D2T and thin with just a few drops of denatured alcohol and then brush on the cracks first, then coat entire bait. After that I would coat with 4-5 coats of Dick Nites. This would make the finish the hardest. Then go back to fishing. This process will take a few days tho. Just make sure that wood is as dry as you can get it.


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I'm assuming it's wood? The segment absorbed water and expanded. I'd hang it up to dry for a week or two and maybe it will shrink back to size. Then, go over it carefully to find where water got in. It's probably the segment joint, the tail, or the hook hanger. Fix it by brushing Devcon Two Ton epoxy over the cracks and the leaking area.

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