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first off, i would like so say i know absolutley NOTHING about airbrushes/airbrushing.

with that said, is this airbrush any good for an absolute beginner? http://cgi.#########/ebaymotors/Complete-Air-Brush-Airbrush-Kit-Manual-Aircan-Adaptor_W0QQitemZ260222673348QQcmdZViewItem?hash=item260222673348

it says no compressor needed.

it also says that it comes with a "lifelong propellant can". how is this possible? the only thing i could think of is that you have to manually pump the can to pressurize it and use that as propellant.

if that is not the case, are there any airbrushes that operate that way?

i would like an airbrush i dont need a compressor or a co2 tank or anything for. anybody have any links to something like this (if there is such a thing)?

thanks for helping the newbie out! :)

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in order to have an airbrush that does not use a compressor or cans of propellant you would need a set of lungs capable of providing 40 psi @ 4 cfm. Of couse only superman can provide this much air, so you would need a compressor.

You have missunderstood the item description it says "long life" not "lifelong" propellant can. My thoughts are save your pennies and buy a quaility air brush and compressor you'll be farther ahead in the long run.

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aww thats bogus, i wonder why the link didnt work.

anyway, youre right i did read wrong...it does say long life:(

lol i figured there might be some kind of tank where you could hand pump it to the pressure needed and then when the pressure runs out you pump it again.

thanks for the input guys. im not gonna go buy a nice airbrush or an air compressor. i just thought this looked neat because i thought that can would be re-usable and it was real cheap so it wouldnt put a hurtin' on my pocket.

but since im lookin at buying a lot more than i intended to get into airbrushing....im just gonna stick to photofinishes;)

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