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I've been using Wasco (Polytranspar) lacquer based for about a year now a love them. At first I had wrinkling and cracking problems when dipping in DN. Not on all the lures but it happened here and there with certain colors. I finally broke down and started spraying the DN and couldn't be happier. I use a single action airbrush for the DN as it is easier to clean. First things first when using lacquer base under DN.

1. Be sure and let the paint dry for at least 24 hours before topcoating.

2. Thin the DN with a HIGH QUALITY VIRGIN LACQUER THINNER only. Cheaper thinner will only result in more problems.

3. Experiment with the thinner to get the right consistancy you want. ( I try to keep it as thick as possible)

4. Spray a thin coat and wait a minute or 2 then spray again and repeat as you feel necessary.( I use 3 to 5 coats maybe more depending on the thickness of the DN) This works really well when coating multiple lures as you can just rotate through them without a waiting period.

5. Let the lures cure (7 days) and add your hardware.

I have found that when usung lacquer based paints, dipping will melt the paint underneath and run some of them. I use this to my advantage when spraying as the "melting" actually bonds the DN to the paint eliminating "peeling" problems in the finish. Just don't spray it too thick, stick with thin coats with intervals. I do know that I have had some issues with Krylon primer and tackiness with DN. I stopped using the krylon and most of my problems ceased.

P.S. this is the way I do it and by no means final strict instructions for anyone. It has worked very well for me and maybe can help someone with their issues with DN. I love the stuff and the new UV is awesome!! Maybe somebody can use this info. later..............


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Mark, from what I've read from Dean it sounds like that would work. I've been using D2T for so long now I don't want to learn the in's and out's of another top coat. I must say the DN sure makes a lure shine.

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