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Dicknite over top of D2T

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Seeing I finally tried D2T I really like the clairty and thickness it makes the top coat look versus DN but I want the strength of DN so I used the D2T for first coat and a second coat of DN,

Will one coat of DN be enough or does it need 2 coats of DN ?

I know you can get away with one coat of DN but I want to offer and use a dependable top coat that will not scratch.

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No clearcoat is proof against hook rash. It's not if, just when. I think of a coat of D2T and DN as having similar functional wear resistance. The D2T wears faster, but it's thicker. In my experience, the DN takes longer to begin to show hook rash, probably because it's slicker. I just use one coat of either on bass baits so I'd say one DN coat is enough. Of course, 4-5 coats of DN would wear longer still. It becomes a matter of how many operations you want to perform and how long you're willing to take clearcoating. I recommend 24 hrs between coats of DN.

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