How many D2T coats?

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Hey guys I am in the process of finishing a few Pike/Lake Trout baits. I am wondering what the optimal number of D2T coats would be? Should I use more than 3? Or is this just overkill?

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Good Question.

Seal the bait good before you paint it and you should only need one or two coats of D2T (2Ton Devcon 30minute 30 minute epoxy. This will help this thread show in the searches). Your bait will stay waterproof and fishable, but the battle scars will show. You can't avoid the scars unless you don't get bit. Too much epoxy will reduce the action of you lure. A dead action bait usually won't get any marks on it, not even hook drag. There are other opinions on this topic, but that is mine.

Don't turn you precious, custom wooden bait into a plastic coated piece of folk art.

I really feel that one coat unthinned will do the job.

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