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clemmy    65

Het All,

Does anyone have a lead on where you can get a metal paint stencil made with a lure name? What I'm thinking of is like the old Heddons, etc. used to have. All I can find are people that do the big stencils in metal like safety signs, etc.

I do have a Japanese lure making book that shows a maker using one, but of course the description is in Japanese!



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mark poulson    1,700

I think you may have more luck finding a decal that you can have your signature printed on, and then clear it onto your lure.

Most signatures have overlaps that make stenciling difficult.

I do not know of a decal supplier, but I do know it is an existing technology, and is used by lure makers.

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It can be done. A laser can cut the sheet metal the way you want it. I have a friend that has about 50+ stencils cut for his baits. They work good but only to an extent. I think it would give your baits the signature you are looking for. Try to contact someone that has a laser cutter in a welding job. They should be able to use a piece of paper with your logo and cut it the exact same way. I would get 4 or 5 done in SS at the same time because the little detailed areas can get bent or fall out easy if you are not careful.

I don't know the person that does it.

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Tman2    11

While looking for airbrush tattoo paint for my daughter, I seem to remember coming across sites that offered custom stencils. I didn't pay much attention to it at the time, but that might be something that would work, and at less cost.

This is one I found...

Design your own speciality tat stencil - TAT Store

I just searched custom airbrush stencils on Google.

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