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This is a good question, so I am just bringing the thread to the top of the list, so that someone more knowledgeable can answer through experience.

I recently did a pull test on a loop of SS wire, 3/4" fixed with resin. The pull was a bucket of water weighing 27Lbs. The test period was 24hrs and the result was fine, no problems.

After reading the stripers thread on sealing methods (excellent read), something similar could be done for eyes and different materials. A shock load test could be carried out too, say a closed container with a gallon of water, dropped through a height of 3 feet, this to be performed after the 24hr test. Up to you guys if you want to play, cost is zero.

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My tests were not that scientific, but I use .031 ss wire eye screws in everything but my Musky baits and have never had one pull out of basswood, cedar or pine which I primarily use. I make them from 3/4" to 1 1/4" depending on the bait. If you are using balsa on the other hand, then you wll want to go to thru wire construction. I use devcon 5 min epoxy and drill the hole just big enought for the screw eye it go in, fill the hole and the screw eye shaft with epoxy, screw in, wipe off excess, let dry and you are good to go.


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