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My son hit the side of the boat with a Rapala X-rap and cracked it about a half inch back from the line tie down to the bill.It's still attached.What should I use to fix it;super glue or 5 min epoxy?I'm sure I can get the bait to perform but I'm afraid of not having enough strength to hold together when a fish hits.

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@ highwayman

If my memory serves me right , the "X-Rap" is a plastic lure , so I think , it would probably be the best to use a special plastic glue , like the type used for model-making .

I guess , tackle stores , that sell plastic crankbait kits , should also carry such glue .

This glue "melts" the plastic surface a bit and fuses it together , only question is wether it would work on the "Rapala" plastic mixture as well ?

My second choice would be the superglue , but after repair you should carry out some kind of pull-test with that lure , to avoid bad surprises at the water's edge later .

Good Luck , diemai

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