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Can anyone tell me anything about these.They haveCharlie O hand written under the bill.The paper in the box says 7721 Castleton Lane,Columbia,S.C.A friend of mine bought a tacklebox full of cranks from a guy and wasjust curious as to what they may be worth, if anything.They areplastic baits with the bill molded in,they don't lookvery old,butI have never seen any like them.Pics are a little blurry,the wife won't let me bring her good camera to work...Robert



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Copies of the Big O. First ones were made of Balsa and then Foam. Yours might be Balsa. Hard to tell the difference. I am not sure of the value but I would bet over $40 each (might be more). There is a local guy that collects them and has the information on them. He purchased the rest of the inventory and some other items when they stopped making them. He has some new ones that were the last of the foam and sells them for $25 ea. I have 3 or 4 balsa ones and they look just like the foam ones. Hard to tell them apart if they are not damaged. 70's if I am not mistaken. I'll try to find out a little more on them.

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