need some crankbait weights please

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I need some crankbait weights for building my own cranks. I know several of you make them and would like to buy a few. I only need 25 to 50 right now. please PM me if you make and would like to sell some (and take paypal) Stainless steel hook hangers a must.

Thanks, Dwain

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If you don't find what you are looking for, here is a technique posted by a member a while back. Sorry I cannot remember the name but the method works very well.

Pin two planks of wood (denser is better) together, so they can be opened and closed. Clamp them together and drill a hole down the centre crack. This is your lead mold. Drill several holes to increase production.

Take an old metal ladle or deep spoon. Cut a VEE in the edge of the bowl which you will pour from. This concentrates the pour in one location and prevents spillage.

Wrap the handle with folded tissue and cover that with strong tape.

Weigh the lead into the bowl, add 0.1 gram extra, this allows for slag formed.

Melt over a gas flame.

You should be able to pour 25 in a couple of hours, to the exact weight and shape that you require. Wear goggles and heavy clothing, including a cap. Don't forget the gloves.

If you are going to pour regularly, you do need to get the right equipment.

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