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Grimsbane    10

I'm getting ready to start making my own and have been looking at the tutorials in the how to's.

My question is this:

On the old style baits that have the stainless ring around your recessed hook holes, wouldn't you crack your topcoat if you put the screws on after top coat.:huh:

The ones im talking about are like the old old arboghasts that sometimes were mounted on the sides or even the kind that screwed a "T" shaped hook holder to lure.

just seems like another place for water to get in and ruin your work?

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captsully18    10

Understand, I am definitely no expert, maybe one of them will jump in, I hope. I make several wooden baits and seal each one first thing. This is insurance against water gettin' in. My balsa baits get sealed with super glue. My other woods get sealed with Dick Nites. I have found that DN coating really soaks into the wood and provides a good seal without any build up. This is important to me as I make some jointed lures and build up is a real pain in the joints. (no pun intended :whistle:). However, I am guessing that you are mainly speaking of re-paints. I would definitely seal the bare wood that shows when hook hangers are removed, paint bait, coat with Dick Nites, replace hardware and go fishing.

Hope this helps


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BobP    834

And drill some pilot holes for them, then put in a little epoxy when you mount the screw eyes.

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