Is liquitex airbrush medium

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If you filter it a time or two after you thin it you should be able to shoot it. If you plan of painting a lot, you might want to buy a few bottles of airbrush paint. A ounce or two will go a long ways and the cost isn't that much. The biggest difference is the pigments in the paint, airbrush paints have finer pigments to help keep them flowing smooth and not clogging the guns.

Correct me if I am wrong but I think the Liquitex are the ones that come in the tubes and are designed to be put on a pallet and brushed (just want to make sure I am thinking of the right paints).

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Txs for the reply..the medium I was refering to is the thinner..milky white you can add to paint to thin it out.They have airbrush medium[thinner] then they make a "matte" medium which is thicker,but looks just the same as the thinner liquid,,,trying to see if anyone knows if they are the same ...one reduced for airbrush the other looks to be made for reg. paint brushes..confused yet...I am.

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