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hey guys Im looking to make some molds to pour lead in what would be a good material to work with that could handle the heat. What Im wanting to do is make a lead dowel plug to fill in the hole that you drill in the bottom of your bait. Im wanting to play around with them until I can find the weghts that i need.That way I know that 1 ounce of wieght is needed I have 1 ounce of plug weight that fits like a glove in the hole. I know every piece of wood is a little different on needing weight but I can fine tune them with shot weight. The hardest thing for me is weighting the plug the way that I want them to set in the water, one small drop of lead is the difference between a suspending bait or a flat sinker.

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What ive seen in the posts is take a hardwood like oak and drill holes in it with a press. The hardwood isn't as likely to catch fire and it is cheap to replace should you need to.

also you can trim accordingly if too much weight, you'll have just a long cylinder that you can mark and cut.

Step one take a hardwood board, rip in half.

Step two take these two boards and clamp together. drill through holes that you can put bolts through to anchor the halves together. 2-4 should do

Step three In a press with the boards bolted together, drill verticle holes where the two boards meet. this will provide your pouring cavity. make sure not to get into your bolts when drilling.

Ta Da easy stick weight mold.

P.S. You can use these for hidden sinkers in soft baits too.

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While testing for suspension, dont put the weight all the way in so it is easier to get out, or you can place a small eyelet screw in the top of the lead after pouring.

take an eye and place a length of stiff leader through it that will rest on the wood and allow the screw portion to suspend in the lead.

will give you something to grab onto should you have to pull it back out of the lure.

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