Repaint and new CB in the works

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The first one is just a RC(rattle can,you know me) repaint on an old bait.The other is a design that me and a guy is working on.It is made out of Cypress,I have it sealed now with a Circuit board bill and can't wait to test.I'll post results when I get to test it...Robert




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I agree, very awesome looking. I can't wait to see the finished product. Great looking design.

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Im currious, did ya build these while you were supposed to be working to?:)

Oh yea, I forgot to tell you,thats another perk of my job:p.I really don't do much at home right now I don't have a shop.House hunting for now,and I am definetly looking for one with a good shop or a place to build one.We also have sattelite tv:yeah:,I usually turn it on,mute it and get on here or build lures.When I get tired of that I go downstairs to my "paint booth" and get with it.

Oh and I just saw a video of a guy setting down a drawbridge on a ship,I do that and I will need a job from some one sanding lures or something.I won't fish on the job,I promise:nono: :whistle:

What did you use to get the eye sockets? LOOKS AWESOME MAN!!

I just put a drill bit in an exacto handle and done it by hand.I have my Dremel with me,don't know why I didn't use it.Well my "work" has to involve a little "work".I can't wait to see how this Cypress swims.

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