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Florida Don

Podlymer Clay - Revisited

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Wasn't quite sure which category to put this in but thought Hard Baits would work.

Anyhow. Discovered on a google search about Polymer Clay. Then I did a search here and found some old threads.

Just wondering if anyone is still using Polymer Clay?

The pictures from the old threads are missing and I sure would like to see them.


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My limited experience with clay is that it's too heavy and too brittle for lures. Besides, you can make a lure body from wood really fast once you get the hang of it.


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Don if you really want to make a lure and dont want to use wood...try resin plastics!!! You can mold your own.. Basically you carve your first lure out of wood...weight it...seal it... test it.. and if it works and you like it... Mold it with RTV RUBBER!! then you mix up your resin plastic and in about 5 to 15 mins you will have casted a lure exactly like the wooden one.. Lots of guys on here are doing it right now..

The key is make sure it works before you spend the money molding it... Its not very hard...if I can do anyone can!..but I had alot of good friends that help me along the way!!! Only cost me a Monkey and 25 bucks!.. PM me if you need help.

The Rookie

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Thanks. I have been turning lures on my lathe but am always looking for new ways. This stuff looked interesting, but I think I will pass on it.


Guess the resin is a better way to go. I have done it before - actually made some worm mold masters out of it, because I had a resin I could bend before it got fully cured. Don't know why I did that - just experimenting I guess.

Thanks for the input guys!

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