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Working on my first plug.

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Posted 17 June 2008 - 11:12 PM

Those first five look great. I've known for a long time that you were working very hard and that they would be every special, and they are! You're going to love it the first time you catch that big pike on one of those. Good luck!

Hey Ferg,
Adding musky hooks might add the weight you need to cut the buoyancy and if that isn't enough, add so lead wire to the hooks to determine how much weight to add; this is all part of the learning process. The next one will be a little better and easier to build. And in a few lures, you;ll be passing on what you know to the newbies that come on board four months from now - oh, and Welcome aboard the Tackleunderground.com. These guys will hook you up.

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Posted 18 June 2008 - 01:26 AM


Allright , this is something to talk about :

Your lure does not dive deeper , since the angle of the lip (is it made of aluminium ?) is very steep , rather more like a wake bait .
It has the tight action , that you mentioned(I suppose , it does not wobble strong enough for your taste) , mainly because of the heigth to width ratio of its body , second issue about that is the relatively small lip .

If you would have made your lure maybe halfway thicker and into an rather oval cross-section , it would have had a better wiggle , since that oval shape would provide a better roll against the water as this rather flat body .

Obviously the lure is thru-wired , so you cannot alter the towpoint anymore , but placed rather more down at the chin towards the bill , it would surely have caused a better action .

Since the wobbling action is poor , I don't think , that added weights would help , but on a short term you could still try it (suppose , your lure still has a lot of buoancy , since it does not go down deep ?) .
Allright , try taping some weight(leadshot , rolled leadsheet , etc....) onto the outside of it and try it in a bathtube , swimming pool , shallow bank , etc....) .
Try the spot between bill and first hookhanger , but I think , in this case weight on the back of the lure would do better , since it makes it unstable to tend to capsize , so maybe this would provide a sufficient wobble . Try different weights and locations . If the weight-testing should work out , you must embed the weights into the body and repaint .
Off course such only works , when the internal wire form is not disturbing .

If you somehow have a chance to pull out the lip again , you should also try this , but only when the weighting thing failed . Make the lip about almost halfway longer and wider , its base end (root) a little narrower than width of lure , the other end should be fully rounded .
This would not increase the diving depth a lot(in my point of view not absolutely neccessary for a gift lure , since there are shallow and deepwater fishing situations alike , paramount is the action) , but a bigger lip would surely also cause the lure to roll and wobble more !

Another option is , though the most elaborate , to shave the lip(if you are unable to remove it)back flush to body outline and then make another lip slot :
Draw a pencil line sideward onto the nose portion , leading from the tow eye to the rear eye , than draw another line from the spot , where the bill enters the lures belly , to hit the first line 90 . Now mark a third line through the spot , where the two previous lines meet towards the chin , to divide this 90 angle into halves .
Your new lipslot to furnish must be on this third line , or slightly behind it , but parallel , so it would sit in about 45 to the centeraxis of lure .
Hopefully you can cut it yet deep enough , due to the internal harness .
Make a new lip about sized as described previously , fix it temporary(maybe with little wooden wedges) and test again for action .
When making a lexan lip , you might also glue it in right from the start , since with some eyeballing you could easily minor its size on a power sander , if neccessary , a metal lip would be better to remove to re-size .

This lip configuration would surely make your lure swim deeper and wiggle more !

Allright , FERG , all I can say in brief for you to tinker on your lure , in every case you ought to repaint and reseal , no way to leave this out !
For your next lure bear in mind to try first as described previously(with all hardware rigged) , and tune it , when neccessary , prior to painting , saves you from extra work !
Just apply one or two clearcoats of ordinary clear laquer , just to prevent water sepage on your blank whilst testing, you may sand it off or at least roughen it up for better bond of the final paint coats later !

One more thing.........: welcome at TU ! Greetz , diemai