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Need Plastic Injection Direction.

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Hello all. I need some help finding someone to do plastic injection.

I need this for a crankbait design. I need someone who can manufacture the mold from a pre designed crankbait that has alraedy been proven and is in production.

China or anything across the pond is out of the question.

Now.... I actually have the sources on the hardware and also someone to do the molding but having the mold made is another issue.

I wanted to find someone who was actually injecting as well as making molds for the fishing industry.

If anyone has any direction to send me I would appreciate either an answer here in the thread or a PM.

Thank you in advance for any help.

With Kindest Regards,


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www.landotackle.com This place makes the lure bodies you see at Stamina and Barlow's. They quoted me a price for a custom crankbait mold. You better be sitting down when they tell you the price.


No need for me to sit down. If your'e gonna play the game, you got to be willing pay:eek:.

Thanks Again,


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