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rlcam    11

I am going to order a sample of DN but they ask what kind I wanted.So, thats my question which one do I need to order,the Fishurmans Lure Coat or the Clear Top Coat for sealing and top coating my crankbaits.Also do you guys use it on wood and plastic baits? I haven't tried it yet so how should I apply it,can I use it to seal and top coat.I am going to dip my baits if I can,any tricks or tips for this stuff,thanks...Robert

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Lure--Prof    11

I use the Fisherman's Lurecoat Top Coat. for my clearcoating. They also make a coating specifically for sealing, probably called Fisherman's Lure Coat Sealer, or similar. Yes, the clear topcoat makes a good sealer also, which i use for woods other than balsa, unless I use a seperate strengthener first. However, I usually use epoxy for sealing balsa because of the strength it adds to the wood.

On woods that need no additional strengthening, the topcoat makes a good sealer IMO.


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I switched to brushing from dipping because I had containers harden up on me because I did not get the lid tight once and the second time was because I let a few drops off the lure drip back in.

I also put mine in a wine bottle and pour out what i need to brush, I also have been using the ketchup cups that you get at fast food places to pour in and brush out of.

I wont dip again.

Also if you do not let enough run off the lure it will get on the lip and under your tape, also make sure to blow on your hook hangers so you do not have to clean them out once it hardens.

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