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I tried to upload some pics to the gallery and it said my pics were too big.I use Photobucket,and it tells what size(600x800 ,400x600 ect.)but not in KB,how can I tell how big they are in KB...Robert

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First, if you have your pictures saved on your computer, find them and place your cursor over the the file name or thumbnail. You should see a small window that gives you some small amount of info about the file/pic. This info should also include the the file size in KBs, MBs, etc.

Second, if your pics are large in file size, check to see what the file type is i.e..bmp, .gif, .jpg, .tif, etc. BMP files tend to be large in bytes so, you should save the file in a .jpg format and see if that solves your problem.Of course, you could also change the physical size (dimensions) and see if that helps.


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