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Let me know what you think.

Still working on a glass like finish.....I think I need to slow down and not rush it

If slowing down would make that turn out more realistic it would swim off the table before you were done.Great job, I hope I have that speed problem that you have when I get an airbrush....Robert

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Man, that's a beautiful bait! Where'd you get the photo?

Now I'm going to have to get photoshop, or some other program so I can do that kind of stuff.

Too cool!

Try using clear plastic coffee or margarine tops for tails. Sand it in the direction of the lines in the tail, and color it with sharpies. Works great, and really tough.

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Thanks for all the kind words...

I actually didnt use any photoshop. I found a pic online with goolge images then just shrunk it to size using just good ol paint.

I am making a new bait that is smaller that should have a lot more detail in the fins and will be using a similar method to what you suggest mark, any other ideas suggestions?

The best part of the bait is how well it swims!!! I will see if I can get a video up soon.

Thanks to all the inspiration out there in TU land

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Again, a great looking bait. I made some 6" Bue Gill three piece swimbaits, and put the rear treble in the last section with a weighted hook hanger. I can use 1/0 Owner trebles and they don't foul most of the time, and never on the swim. Only if I work it like a jerk bait, and then only twice in a morning of fishing. I like to use the biggest trebles I can fit, because the hooks on trebles are small compared to their overall size.

I don't really have any other "gems" to share.

I look forward to seeing more of your work.

Catch fish!

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