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One of the guys on the boards lent me a spinnerbait skirt tool that worked great.

After looking at it for a while before returning, I made one myself with 1' of .018 stainless steel wire (could be a bit thicker, but its what I had on hand), and an old ball point pen bottom piece.

Find old ball point pen made from metal. I'm sure the plastic ones will work, but not forever.

Form a loop and sinch at the top of the 1' piece of SS wire. The loop should look similar to where you tie the line onto a Mepps or Panther Martin in-line spinner.

Slide the unlooped end of the wire into the the tip (where the pen point comes out) of the ball point pen bottom piece and form a simple hook big enough to hold a skirt or two.

Roll rubberband down the point of the ball point pen bottom piece until its close to the wide opening.

Add skirt to hook and pull the wire so the skirt goes up the ball point pen bottom piece.

Roll rubber band down and clip the molded pieces that hold the skirt together.

After a little practice, you'll get the skirt size just right, then insert skirt and rubber band onto spinnerbait or buzzbait.

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you can also get a piece of an arrow and a practice tip . i have made several of these and you can use whatever length arrow you want and put as many collars on as u want the just use a pc of wire to pull your skirts in roll your collars off and your done. alot of the archery shops around here have plenty of old arrows and and tips you can get for little or nothing

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