Glow paint for airbrushing

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I haven't run across an acrylic airbrush glow paint but have seen a few inexpensive glow "hobby paints". The one I tried clumped up on the lure after shooting it, so was useless. I'd be thinking about using vinyl or lacquer glow paint with the correct thinner. Of course, you'll need protection against solvent vapors and will need to clean your brush with solvent afterwards.

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I hadsome problems with the hobby glow paint but I found some good stuff. DickBlick's Art Materials has an acrylic water based glow paint that works really well. you have to keep it agitated while you paint, but the pigment is fine enough to not clog too bad. Here's the link: Palmer Glow-In-The-Dark Luminous Paint - BLICK art materials

Experiment with thinning to get it how you like it, but be sure to only thin it enough for it to work in your airbrush. Too much thinning and the coverage of the pigment isn't good, and you'll have to use far too many coats to get the desired effect. Hope this helps.


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