Fluid Bed Cups

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I'm sorry sent email I was trying to pm Cadman I thought about a tutorials he had on fluid beds and wanting to know if anyone had any info on a larger production type of bed making.

I think I have done to many emails today to keep track of who's who and then doing it to early in the mourning


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I made a double bed the other night and it works great. I am using 2" ABS with a valve to control the air to each bed. Use a paper sack as the medium and can just pour the powder back into the jar when I am done. Vaccum out the cylinder and wipe wout any remaining residue then pour in the next colors I am going to use. I painted 100 jigs in about an hour with 4 different colors and it worked like a champ. Have to tell you, it was a bit challenging to get the air adjusted correctly, but after I got it down, smooth sailing. The whole thing ran me about $30.00..... and about an hour to build. I bought extra tube so I can make additional beds in the future.. :twocents:

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